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Westville Board Meeting
Date: November 16th, 2023
Time: 6:00

Location: 120 E Main St, Westville, Il 61883

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call (Introduction to special guests and their reason for the meeting).
3. Public Comment
This meeting portion is intended for community members outside the agenda to comment on the district’s business and i
ssues. The statement will be limited to four minutes per person. (At that time, the board’s president should introduce and ask the person or persons to share their concerns.)
4. Minutes of the previous meeting.

a. Motion to approve the previous meeting minutes on October 19th,
2023, Roll Call
b. Vote

5. Consideration of the Agenda
1. Addition to the Agenda
2. Motion to accept the November 16th, 2023, meeting agenda.
a. Roll Call
b. Vote
6. Treasure’s Report
1. Motion to receive the Treasure Financial Report: Review and Approval of
Monthly Expenditures and Summaries
a. Roll Call
b. Vote
2. Motion of approval to put 850.00 in petty cash.
a. Roll Call
b. Vote

7. ERH reports or other reports.
If discussion or action on a particular issue is anticipated, it must be listed separately.
1. Motion to approve ERH report.
a. Roll Call
b. Vote

8. Manager
If discussion or action on a particular issue is anticipated, it must be listed separately.
Motion to approve Manager report.
a. Roll Call
b. Vote

New Business

a. Discussion Over the Meeting with Tilton Mayor
b. Vote to come into an intergovernmental agreement with Tilton.
c. Vote for a Christmas Bonus 250.00
d. Open Meeting Act assigned a board member to be the yearly designee
(OMA Training all Board Members)

Following Up or Discussion

e. Generator Maintenance Contract and Repair follow-up and take action
from the September meeting.
f. HVAC Maintenance and Repair follow-up from take action from
September meeting.

g. Follow up on Televised Inspection of the line South of Spelter Ave. (ARC)

Unfinished Business:
1. Kal's Roadhouse: Follow Up
2. Oxidation Ditch Rotors at the Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction:

8. Adjourn

Westville Belgium Sanitary District
CMOM meeting Presentation given by Sean McBride

November 16th, 2023

 Roll Call

 Sean CMOM Presentation and Reports

 Discuss the CMOM report with Sean. No action can be taken at this time.

 Adjournment

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