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The Westville Belgium Sanitary District was founded in 1956, and serves the communities of Westville and Belgium, and surrounding areas of Hegeler and Home Gardens, located in Vermilion County in the State of Illinois. It is managed by a Broad of Trustee’s and a treasurer which consists of three individuals, who are appointed by the Vermilion County Board. The first appointed board was made up of Tony Ruman, Chet Marshall, Ralph Cummings and Dr. Urbas.

The original Wastewater Treatment Facility was constructed in 1957, in 1981 the Westville- Belgium Sanitary District was placed on "restricted status" which meant no additional hookups could be made to the collection system. Clark Dietz Engineers Inc, was contracted to develop a facilities plan and design a new collection system, along with modifications and additions to the existing Wastewater Treatment Facility. The design was approved by the IEPA and construction began in 1982 and was completed in 1984. A major expansion in occurred in 2007, with the addition of excess follow treatment facilities.

The District is a tax exempt entity that serves more than 2,400 residents in the District as of 2015. The District provides sewage treatment services, which are vital to our community. Sewage Treatment: Is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater primarily from household sewage.

The Westville-Belgium Sanitary District Wastewater Treatment Facility is operated under a contract with ERH Enterprises Inc., owner and operator John McBride and son Sean McBride. Mr. John McBride and his company have been recognized as Operator of the Year and Plant of the Year and have been recognized on multiple occasions during the time they have operated the plant for the Westville-Belgium Sanitary District, by The Illinois Association of Wastewater Pollution Control Operators (IAWPCO)

The Westville-Belgium Sanitary District is dedicated to serving you, the people of the District. The Sanitary District Board, its employees, and the Contract Operator pledge to constantly purse and utilize the most cost effective methods and state of the art techniques available to the wastewater industry to ensure the maximum public benefit to the user.


Bill Barnes epitomized unwavering dedication and resolute determination. With honor, he fulfilled a distinguished 17-year tenure on our board, embodying a steadfast adherence to established protocols. His ardor for the Saint Louis Cardinals illuminated his status as an avid baseball enthusiast, leaving no doubt about his affection for the sport. Beyond his board duties, Bill's dedication to the community radiated through his vibrant engagement with the Music Parents Booster Club, accompanied by his years of devoted service to the sports boosters. The value of his contributions cannot be overstated, and his enduring legacy remains a wellspring of inspiration that continues to uplift us.

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