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Adjustments for leaks?


Limited to 1 adjustment every two years per property when leak occurs and is repaired inside dwelling. Adjustments are calculated by averaging prior 3 months’ usage.


No adjustments for:


Usage due to vandalism on premises.


Usage due to filling swimming pool or hot-tub




Water service is subject to disconnection if sewer bill is still outstanding by 8:00 am on termination date indicated on delinquent notice.




10% —Late Fee.

$85.00 fee—Reconnection fee, during regular business hours.

$25.00 service charge—Returned Checks.


Landlord/Rental Properties:


Beginning June 1, 2014 and thereafter, the monthly bill shall be mailed to the landlord/homeowner. The monthly bill shall not be mailed to any other person, including, but not limited to tenant, occupant, leassee, or third party. Payment of landlord/homeowner charges shall not be accepted by District from tenant, occupant, leassee of the landlord/homeowner premises. The landlord/homeowner is exclusively liable and responsible for the payment and satisfaction of the monthly charges.




If charges are not paid a lien may be filed against user and or property owner





Customer is responsible for all usage charges.




Sewer Application


Application Fee- $50.00

Tap Fee- $320.00

To install building sewer and making connection to public sewer of Westville-Belgium Sanitary District, in the communities of Westville- Belgium, and surrounding areas of Hegler, and Home Gardens, located in Vermilion County in the State of Illinois please contact our office at 217/267-3131 for application, connection rules, and regulations.


Bond $10,000.00

Insurance $1,000,000.00


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